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Janette was great helping and supporting my mum in keeping her independent in her own home, she was dedicated and had respect with much patience when she needed extra support. She provided companionship and home duties, she was extremely kind and incredibly helpful. Janette and her team took Mum out for meals, shopping and attended clubs which mum had been a member of before she had her troubles. She and her team also gave regular feedback keeping myself informed of events.


JCS came along at the perfect time to help Mum continue to live on her own at home before live-in care was needed.

She lived in a beautiful but remote home and had just had to stop driving so she was feeling quite trapped and wanted company and trips out.

I met with Janette to give her some background before she came to meet Mum.

Before long she was having companions over a couple of times a week. Most of her visits consisted of drives out to the coast, or simply for a hot chocolate!

Many times she was content to stay at home for a walk nearby, or more often to do a jigsaw.

She always enjoyed her visits and ew are very grateful for the service provided by Janette and all her companions.


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