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bespoke packages

Developing and delivering a bespoke companionship plan is important.
I can help with activities, outings, care or even just conversation. 


What's a companion?


Someone to talk to on visits,  whether that is about day to day things, the latest news, reminiscing about the past, discussing films and books, or even going through family history. A companion carer will also offer help with travel arrangements, assist with journeys to and from appointments, and accompany their client to visits with family and friends. Other activities could include cooking, organising the house, watching films together, planning interesting outings and trips, shopping and taking advantage of any other exciting opportunity that will allow a client to enjoy themselves.


Our Ethos 

For JCS (Norfolk) Ltd we believe in giving back independence. We do this with people not for them, many carers will often do the tasks for their clients. It doesn’t matter how long a task takes if our clients want to achieve something together we will achieve it! We don’t offer personal care as we believe this changes the relationship.


No job is ever too small. Building a relationship with our clients is so important which is why we use regular companions that

your loved one trusts and recognises. 



Initial consultations are completely free of charge

Companionship packages will be bespoke to your relative and put together with you and your relative as appropriate

All visits are subject to a minimum of 1 hour companionship

Trial periods encouraged 

References upon request



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