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About JCS (Norfolk) Ltd

JCS (Norfolk) Ltd is a small, private business run by Janette Higgins.

The Companions are dedicated to providing a quality experience for either you or your loved one in the time spent together.


The Service's ethos is unique, in that the focus is on improving social and mental well being. There is no personal care or medication administration.

All ages can experience a need for Professional friendship, and JCS (Norfolk) Ltd provides this for ages 18 until older age!!

There are opportunities and time, to really establish positive and meaningful rapport.

Trust is an essential part of the work for Companions, and necessary, if you feel isolated, self esteem has hit rock bottom and confidence levels have also dipped.


There's flexibility in times you or a loved one may require throughout the week. Not one size fits all!!

Some of our clients want to sit and chat with a cuppa, some want to be supported with some light housework, the washing being hung out, a small amount of ironing, a weekly shop..... 

Others, want to go out in to their local Communities, and meet people , via a centre or in a local cafe or Garden Centre, enjoy a bit of girlie shopping, visit an organised talk, go to bingo, swimming, dog walking, the list isn't exhaustive....

Bird watching, light gardening, dancing, visiting places of interest, are so beneficial, for increasing motivation levels and feelings of belonging..... all so priceless!!

Conversations enable those clients with Dementia to reminisce in a safe place, and feel comforted by the sharing of their experiences.

Families who live away feel reassured that Companions are maintaining a consistent friendship and have open lines of communication with Janette.

It gives live in families a chance to go out for a few precious moments, and for their loved one to relax and engage in watching a quiz, reading a book, poems, or to join in with one of the themed activities for that week if they wish.

The most important moments are spent lifting spirits, distracting a down moment, and engaging in a mutual laugh and giggle which brings tears to your eyes!!

What a privileged position Companions find themselves in ,being part of someone's life journey …. Precious and Invaluable ❤️❤️

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