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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

What's the point of painting rocks or pebbles, you may ask??

Well, it's certainly a lovely way to relax and doing it in a group or with someone else while you chat is a fab way to connect with each other.

It's not a new art activity either and dates back to the late Ice Age!

In 2015, painted pebbles, got a renewed sense of purpose, by a lady called Megan Murphy, who founded The Kindness Rocks Project.

This involved decorating rocks with vibrant designs and inspiring messages. You could then scatter them around your local Community, so that they would uplift the people who found them.

When we engage our clients in activities, like rock painting, which require a degree of focus and mindfulness, then they benefit both mentally and emotionally.

The focus leads away from any challenging moments and reduces anxiety, it also provides that feel good factor.... what's not to love!

Let's see how our wonderful clients respond to this themed activity!!

These were perfectly executed by our fabulous lady, who attends a café with one of our Companions. A chance to spend time together, enjoy a cuppa and chat with others.

Beautiful Festive creations ….

Let's see what inspirational rocks, our fantastic clients come up with …. bring on the next fortnight!!

Another of our motivated and enthusiastic client, wanted to add more of her magnificent painted pebbles to her gorgeous rose display...... we'd all agree, that they look amazing and show case her artistic skills brilliantly!

Painting pebbles enables anyone to be able to express the colours they like and experiment. They can be vibrant and cheerful with complex or simple patterns or symbolise words of comfort, or a favourite pet or object...whatever we choose, there is no right or wrong to them, perfect for increasing confidence levels and bringing a smile.

This wonderful lady, enjoyed the sensation of the smoothness of the pebbles and they were cold!!

She liked the blue lines running through the pebble and was able to engage well in watching a Companion attempt to draw her beloved cat 😊

Many different mediums of colour, textures, and paints can be used on these surfaces...…

Companions are aware of the clients abilities and will offer an activity according to how involved they wish to be. The importance is the engagement level, and having a go …you cant go wrong and it's fun!!

Using silver spray and then waiting for it to dry, to draw a heart to remember love.


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