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Winter Wonderland... JACK FROST nipping at your nose …

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

In some cultures Jack Frost is considered a villain, in some a hero, but in all of them a personification of the Winter season.

Many believe he's the son of Kari, Norse god of the winds and may have originated from Scandinavian or Anglo Saxon traditions.

In Finnish folklore, there's a legend of Frostman and woman, who control the weather and must keep the conditions good for the reindeer to live.

In Japanese folklore, there are stories of a Frost man and his brother, Mist man, who are keepers of the frost and dew.

He's most often portrayed as a spritely character …. now when you hear the Christmas song, you can think of Jack Frost, spreading frosty cheer to people all over the World.

Look out! Look out!

Jack Frost is about!

He's after our fingers and toes;

And, all through the night,

The gay little sprite

Is working where nobody knows.

He'll climb a tree,

So nimble is he,

His silvery powder he'll shake;

To windows he'll creep,

And while we're asleep,

Such wonderful pictures he'll make.

Across the grass,

He'll merrily pass,

And change all it's greenness to white; Our clients are enjoying attending the local

Then home he will go, Community D Café ….Lisa and Hayley have

And laugh, Ho, Ho! made some beautiful snowflakes for the

What fun I have had in the night!" Christmas decorations ❤️❤️❤️

Our clients are certainly still getting out and about with their Companions in the frosty weather, some are enjoying the crisp fresh air, whilst holding a supportive arm!!

Comments have been how appreciative they've felt to be able to access their Community for weekly shopping and treats and a chance to wander around favoured shops.

Clients also love the spectacular "Winter wonderland", as they drive across the Norfolk landscapes, taking in the frost on the tops of bushes, and across the fields..... their's been some beautiful sunsets too!!

Companions are also ensuring that your loved ones remain warm in their homes and suitably dressed when venturing out with us !!

For some, it's essential that the bord feeders in their gardens are replenished, as they love to watch the activity from the comfort and warmth of their living rooms.

One of our clients felt Lisa's timing was excellent when she arrived and they spotted alot of activity in his garden...

He enjoyed watching the birds and wildlife beautiful …He said he'd love to go out in to the garden whilst watching the snow falling and lay down to create a snow angel …we'd love to see that!!

It😁was Leonardo Da Vinci that invented the technique for making snow angels !!😇😇

Beautiful views to admire of a frosty scene from Thetford Garden Centre, from inside the warmth of the café😉

Enjoying their stunning Winter Wonderland scene, even if it did make us feel cold 😁

Another variation of the Jack Frost poem which a client we have loved, she's a very talented poet and writes brilliant poems of her own!!

There's beauty in the frost formations, especially when they're observed from the warmth of your loved one's warm, cosy lounges 😁😁

Creativity in the form of snowflakes, aptly designed by the talents of one of our lady's...we're loving all of her efforts with themed activities!!


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