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TOFFEE APPLES, SWIRLING SPARKLERS, FIREWORKs, but.... where did it all originate?

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

'BONFIRE NIGHT' surprises!! Janette's Companions have been busy motivating and getting creative around this fortnight's activity.

Not all of our clients are able to participate in themed activities, in the literal sense ...BUT!! There's always a round this....... initiating conversations surrounding memories of the 5th November can evoke different memories of the occasion.

Two of our wonderful clients have chatted about these times.

One lady said she used to help her dad build a fire in their garden and she enjoyed this. Another said she enjoyed watching fireworks from the warmth of her front room!!

We then have creative talents amongst our clients ...take a look at these pieces of inspirational artwork .......

One client was looking forward to attending her village's display and hoping her son could come with her.... she enjoys the Community spirit and the food - hot dogs and burgers!!

This lady described Rockets as her favourite firework, and she also likes the Sparklers....... she was keen to add the sky and "two Willow trees!" The most essential part of this participation is most definitely, the use of imagination, having fun and knowing that there's no pressure to get it 'right.'

Some clients, prefer to have something edible and more tangible, like a Cadbury's Bonfire chocolate log with honeycomb filling and a cuppa. Loved ones we see with end stage Dementia, can sense the different changing seasons and events of the year, in a more sensory way.

This lady said she wasn't worried about Guy Fawkes, as it was a long time ago!! It certainly was!!


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