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The best thing about memories, is making them ........

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

It's so important that as Companions, we focus on 'in the moment' with our clients, many of whom have Dementia.

Memories of the past are clearer to recall, with that in mind, we are working on creating a scrapbook or photo album with loved ones.

The photos are printed out each month by Janette and will include themed activity fortnight, chats or time spent in the garden, at a cafe, Community activity out on a walk .... the list is endless really.

We live in a visual Society; images are all around us and can be used in a very positive manner.

The images are concrete and real.

They recreate and trigger other memories.

They evoke happy times and motivate our clients to try a new activity and they love to see the photos!!

Creating new memories can reduce some of the negative sensations having a diagnosis of Dementia can be associated with, like distress and trauma.

It focusses on the future and can only be a positive thing!!

Companions may need to try out a few different formats, as not all appeal to your loved ones!! Some individuals find actual scrapbooks bring back memories of school and it's not for them!! This wonderful lady decided she preferred a photo album and has many at home.

She engaged well and focussed on looking at her pictures for October and also assisted her to visually remember without struggling to recall the moment. For example, saying, "Do you remember when the sun shone on your Silver Birch Tree on such and such a day?"

Too vague a question if the individual, has end stage Dementia, and only serves to make them feel 'useless' when they are unable to recall the moment. Photos are concrete, visual and prompt the memory independently...certainly increasing levels of self-esteem and a sense that they are able to do this without too much strain or difficulty!! Invaluable!!

Watch this space for some further creative scrapbook ideas!!!

An amazingly natural artistic flare and contribution to her scrapbook from another lady!! WOW!!!

Evoking happy memories, art can be so relaxing, and the beauty is, that there is not right or wrong interpretation to your own piece.

Unique and inspired by your loved one's memories.

Brilliantly written and perfect for a scrap book memory to look back on with happy thoughts.

Wonderful afternoon spent with Jane, making decisions on how to decorate the pages of her 'happy memory scrapbook'.

Choosing lovely light and colourful pink and blue hues to offset her photos for October and November.... the photos made her smile and she'd written a beautiful poem about her friends and how much she appreciates them.

Great activity to assist in making choices of colours, positioning of photos, choosing words, and adding own inspirational pieces, like poems, artwork, painting's...... it's a wonderful memoir and aids memory, reminiscence therapy, provokes conversation and makes people smile!! What more could you ask for?


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