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Spring is here!

Gardening for older people

Gardening has long been a hobby for many people. It is a hobby with many benefits, especially for older people.

Not everyone is fit and able to maintain their own gardens and often they need to employ help but there are ways in which the elderly can become involved with help.

• Planting of seeds into pots, kept on the kitchen windowsill.

• Taking cuttings of plants.

• Making labels for the pots.

• Simple watering.

• Having raised plant beds so they are easily accessible.

There are plenty of benefits, both mentally and physically, of getting out into the garden.

• Helping to keep fit and active.

• Reducing stress levels.

• Keeping older people busy.

• Can provide nutritious, healthy food.

• Getting out into the fresh air.

Most of all it is the pleasure that people get from the sense of achievement and admiring their garden


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