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February 2020

Mobile Phones- most of us have one and many people take them EVERYWHERE. We'd like to share with you a handy bit of advice the other day

When you go to the bathroom do you take your mobile with you? If so, where do you put it? On the windowsill? On the side? With your clothes? Most people put their phone up high and out of the way of water..........the advice we were given was to put it on the floor.The floor you wonder, but why?!

Imagine this- you're in the shower and you slip and fall. Where are you? On the floor! This way you can easily reach your phone to call for help. If it's somewhere up high you are less likely to be able to reach if you've seriously hurt yourself.

  1. What a fantastic bit of thinking! So from now on if you're off to the bathroom pop your mobile on the floor, it may just be exactly where you need it to be...


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